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Talkin' Bob Dylan #5

#5 The songs of Bob Dylan #12 and 35: Lay Down Your Weary Tune Part One.  The song is discussed as a transitional song for Dylan, from politics and social justice to mysticism.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #4

Andy and Renee discuss Bob Dylan and his reaction to winning the Nobel Prize. We hear "Day of the Locusts". Then A & R talk about their recent 27th Annual Dylanfest, held May 7, 2017. We hear "Every Of Grain Of Sand" from Andy & Renee & Hard Rain's CD Release, "Dylanfest Live". Renee muses on a world where Bob Dylan shows up at their annual Dylanfest. The show closes with a live version of the band playing "Tweeter and the Monkey Man." Get info on Andy & Renee & Hard Rain, their CDs and performances at Hard Rain is Andy Hill, Renee Safier, Kirk Makin, Marty Rifkin, Dave Batti, Edo Tancredi, John Hoke, Jeff Delissanti, Joseph Caccavo, Davey Allen, John Rosenberg

Talkin' Bob Dylan #3

Recorded May 9th and fresh off of their 27th Annual Dylanfest, held May 7th at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Andy & Renee discuss the show, the torrential downpour that bifurcated the show, and the hilarity that ensued. 😊 We hear "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall", from Andy & Renee's CD release, "It Takes A Lot to Laugh" and "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat" from Bellylove, the band played on as the rain poured down while the crowd held a giant blue tarp over the band's head so they could continue to play on. Andy & Renee continue to discuss Dylanfest 27 and some of the special moments that occurred during the show including a "Peace Army" of Guitars during "Blowing In The Wind". The podcast ends with a recording of "To Ramona" from "Dylanfest LIVE". Get info on Andy & Renee & Hard Rain, their CDs and performances at Hard Rain is Andy Hill, Renee Safier, Ki…

Talkin' Bob Dylan #2

The show opens with "Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)", from Renee's CD "The Fourteenth of February", which leads into a talk about the cinematic component of Dylan's music. Then Andy and Renee discuss Dylan's creative process, and offer thoughts on the subject by Robbie Robertson of The Band from his book "Testimony". A conversation about inspiration and process leads to the song, Mr. Tambourine Man, and we hear their version from Dylanfest 2015 featuring Andy & Renee & Hard Rain and vocalists Dave Crossland and John Hoke. The duo ends the podcast with information about their upcoming 27th Annual Dylanfest, an 8-hour concert held at The Torrance Cultural Arts Center Sunday, May 7th from 12-8pm. The concert features Andy & Renee & their band, Hard Rain and 55 other area musicians playing songs written by the Nobel Laureate winning Dylan. Get tickets and info for this amazing day of music and community atwww.andyandre…