Talkin' Bob Dylan #19

"May I see your references?"  Part 3 - Fellow performers

Talkin' Bob Dylan #18

The 18thinstallment of Talkin’ Bob Dylan, is entitled,“'May I see your references?' Part II: Desolation Row". in the last episode we made the observation that Bob Dylan likes to refer in his songs to previously established characters, literary, historical and mythological. This week we dive into hismost extreme example and posit that the song is an apocalyptic, epic poem in which Desolation Row is perhaps an enlightened state of mind rather than a geographical place.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #17

Episode #17 of Talkin’ Bob Dylan, is entitled,“'May I see your references?' Part I". Andy & Renee talk about references to people in Bob Dylan songs. It seems that more than any other pop writer, Dylan, in addition to creating an endless cast of original fictional characters to populate his songs, references other writers, singers, historical figures, mythological figures, and icons of the stage and screen. What does it all mean? We hear The Mighty Quinn...

Talkin' Bob Dylan #16

In the 16th Installment of "Talkin' Bob Dylan", Andy & Renee discuss Dylanesque songwriting through the lense of both homage and parody. In the parody camp, the duo yuks it up while listening to "Arms Disguised As Legs" by Steve Della Maggoria, a wonderful artist from Napa, CA. Then Andy & Renee move into the homage realm with "Blood on the (Title) Tracks" by The Title Trackers.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #15

#15 In their first foray into Dylan’s iconic songs, Andy & Renee discuss Blowin’ In the Wind and Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #14

#14 In their 14th Installment of Talkin’ Bob Dylan, Andy and Renee let Dylan do the talkin’. Beginning with his ten “best lines”, they invent various categories like “funniest lines”, “most insulting lines”, etc., and simply trade off reading the lyrics. The podcast includes “Shooting Star” from the album “It Takes a Lot to Laugh”.