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Talkin' Bob Dylan #15

#15 In their first foray into Dylan’s iconic songs, Andy & Renee discuss Blowin’ In the Wind and Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #14

#14 In their 14th Installment of Talkin’ Bob Dylan, Andy and Renee let Dylan do the talkin’. Beginning with his ten “best lines”, they invent various categories like “funniest lines”, “most insulting lines”, etc., and simply trade off reading the lyrics. The podcast includes “Shooting Star” from the album “It Takes a Lot to Laugh”.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #13

#13 Collaboration #2. Andy and Renee discuss the surprising meteoric rise of “Wagon Wheel” to iconic Americana status, and feature two different performances of the song. The podcast ends with a live studio version of “Sweet Amarillo” – the second collaboration between Wagon Wheel composers Bob Dylan and Ketch