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Talkin' Bob Dylan #12

#12 Collaborations #1. In the 12th installment of Talkin’ Bob Dylan, Andy & Renee turn their attention to the collaborative efforts of Bob Dylan. For the last two weeks they held Bob’s feet to the fire for leaving such classics as Up to Me and Blind Willie McTell off his albums. Today, Andy and Renee discuss Bob directly working with such great artists as Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, the boys in The Traveling Wilburys, and Sam Shepard, among others. They also dive into Dylan's more "virtual" collaborations that have surfaced in "The New Basement Tapes". We hear "Silvio" from Dylanfest 26 and "Florida Key" live in the studio.

Talkin' Bob Dylan #11

#11 In the 11th installment of Talkin’ Andy & Renee discuss Dylan’s frame of mind in the late 70’s which lead to his religious conversion. Andy recaps Dylan’s proselytizing from the stage in 1979 and the massive changes to his music during that inner shift. The two discuss Caribbean Wind and Blind Willie McTell, and the sometimes amusing excuses Bob offers for their absence from his records.